Open the door to communal harmony

Is India becoming an intolerant country? It’s a question that has been worrying me because I would hate to see India change from being a welcoming, accepting of all faiths, peace loving nation. To prevent the very threat of that change, it is becoming increasingly clear that all concerned Indians need to open the door to communal… Continue reading Open the door to communal harmony

Storm the Norm

Much of a book’s success lies in a title or headline, which intrigues while clearly indicating the content of the pages inside. If the book title has the potential to become a catch phrase, so much the better. Anisha Motwani’s Storm the Norm scores on both these aspects. I know it did with me because I… Continue reading Storm the Norm

By The Book – A Boss’s Review

There is no greater honour than an ex-boss writing a review of a one-time direct report’s maiden book. That honour multiplies when the author in question has high regard for the boss and mentor in question. Thank you Rajesh Pant for taking the time to review my book. I can’t begin to express just how… Continue reading By The Book – A Boss’s Review

The Travel Path of Content

A couple of months ago, I was invited to take part in a panel discussion at the Outbound Travel Mart (OTM) fair in Mumbai. Organized by TravHQ, the subject of the panel discussion was on “leveraging content to inspire travellers to explore a new destination and take a trip.” My fellow travellers on the path… Continue reading The Travel Path of Content

Stumped by OPPO

I watched a cricket match in its entirety last night (India vs. Pakistan at Eden Gardens, Kolkata) after perhaps the last ICC One-Day Cricket World Cup. Usually, it is only on such occasions that I tend to catch up on all the television ad fare because the commercial breaks are far too short to wander away… Continue reading Stumped by OPPO

In a Relationship. Really?

Tring….trrrriiing….trrriiiiing. “Hello.” “Mr. Lata Subramanian?” “Do I sound like a man to you?” “Sorry, am I speaking to Mrs. Lata Subramanian?” “Please don’t assume my marital status. It’s Ms.” Disconcerted silence for a moment or two. Conversation resumes without acknowledging the correction. “Good morning, I am <name> <surname>, your relationship manager. Please save my number so… Continue reading In a Relationship. Really?