A Dance with the Corporate Ton

“What is someone like her doing in advertising?”

This was the question asked by a puzzled Britisher who was the Managing Director of a leading multinational firm in India after he met her for the first time. It was a question that she sensed in the air around her right through her career.

She worked her way up from the position of Room Service Order Taker in a luxury hotel to senior management positions in the fields of Advertising and Marketing in India. But she always sensed that she didn’t quite fit into the corporate mould.

A Dance with the Corporate Ton (a phrase that plays on the haut or London ton*) is her story.

Or, rather….my story, which I have laid out as a no-holds barred narration of my professional saga in India.

As a manager eyeing the corporate ladder of success, have you ever felt that people who are to the manor born have a home advantage? En route your climb to achieving your career goals, have you ever felt that you need to be much more than just talented, hard-working, committed and honest? Did you feel the need to change your personality to project a perceived corporate persona? If the answers to these questions are yes, then chances are you might find your own career stories reflected in mine.

To find out if our lives indeed mirror each other, come along with me on a journey that will make you relive the excitement of bagging your first job; the exhilaration of career breakthroughs; the highs and lows of corporate life; and your search for personal meaning.

Along the way, I assure you that you will also smile a lot at many a humorous anecdote, satirical references and sketches.

The credit for this book goes equally to Karan Daswani of Fingerprints Advertising. The cover design and all the illustrations in the book have been done by the talented Vinayak Vohra and Praveen Kumar who are part of Karan’s team in Fingerprints. Karan and his team have put in so much effort in designing this book that no matter how much I thank them it won’t be enough.

*The London Ton was a term used to refer to Britain’s high society during the Regency period (the reign of George IV or thereabouts). The haut ton or ton were the fashionable elite of Georgian society who were bound by strictures to always display a ‘high tone’ and refined manners. This was deemed vital to displaying good breeding and status (definition extracted from from Regency History: What is the haut ton by Rachel Knowles).

The Corporate Ton is a phrase coined by the author of A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant. 

If this post has intrigued you, you can purchase a copy of the book here.

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Featured Cover Image – A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Cover design by Fingerprints Advertising. Chennai, India.


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