A mind to be cherished!

The CHERISHED Blogfest has invited bloggers to talk about an object they cherished, and the reasons why.

I signed up for the Cherished Blogfest and have been struggling ever since to think of one object I cherish. This morning, I concluded there was no such object.

I wondered why that was so. After all, many people I know are highly sentimental about a few treasured possessions. 

Thinking on the subject, I realized that objects are mostly cherished not for themselves but the emotions that are attached to them.

If an emotion is steadfast, it could happen that an object, which resonates the feeling, stays cherished.

That then is my problem.

As I have lived and learnt, my emotions have changed complexion. Even about people who have meant the world to me.

After my dad died, I wore a shirt of his for years. At first, it was because of an emotion. Sometime later, it was simply because the shirt was so soft and comfortable after years of being repeatedly washed. Then came a day when I just parted with the shirt. You see, both the shirt and the emotion had been totally worn out.

Let’s see. What other objects mattered to me? Ah yes, if there was one object I was highly possessive about, it was my music collection. So much so, that a highly indulgent aunt would prohibit her niece and nephew from touching her music system and her music. That was the only restriction she ever placed on them.

It’s been many years now since I stopped being possessive about my music.


When did the music die?

Well, it happened when the feelings each melody, each song, each beat aroused had faded away into silence, swallowed by the gallows of my mind.

No, no, don’t feel horrified or sad for me.

It’s quite blissful really living without emotions that toss and spin you around like a storm on high seas.

But if I were to be hundred percent honest, there are times when I miss the days when music could make my emotions soar into a state of blissful trance. As I write this, I remember the feeling aroused by tracks like this one from Kitaro.

No regrets though. I still have the cherished memories of the young, emotional girl I once was. And a mind to be cherished; one that has helped me understand life and the emotions it wroughts.

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Featured Cover Image Credit: Ethereal Beauty by Colin (Flickr.com CC BY 2.0)


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