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The video of #MakeInIndia: Indian cultural performance at the Inaugural Session of Hannover Messe has been doing the rounds on social media with many proud Indians showcasing the grand pageantry that took place on April 12, 2015. At the time of writing, the YouTube video had received over 100,000 clicks. I saw the video too and it made me feel proud. But all through a thought kept persisting. We need to change. We need to #AddInIndia if Narendra Modi’s call to #MakeInIndia is to truly succeed. It’s what our Prime Minister has also been saying when he talks of zero defect manufacturing.

What is it that we need to #AddInIndia? I’ll get to that in a bit. Right here, right now, I would first request that you take a couple of minutes to watch the video that so beautifully showcases the cultural diversity and rich heritage of India.


Lovely show, isn’t it? Beautifully choreographed and a great advertisement for India Tourism. But, I’m afraid not exactly the message that needs to be conveyed for a ‘Make in India’ campaign – with the exception of the awe-inspiring #MakeInIndia symbol at the end.

That is precisely why a thought kept persisting in my mind – how long will India’s people continue to rest on the shoulders of ancestors who left behind such a rich diverse legacy in culture and thought?

Shouldn’t the show have instead choreographed a song and dance about India’s recent achievements in engineering, medicine, physics, manufacturing, marketing, cinema and literature instead? No, I certainly don’t mean the achievements of the Indian diaspora. I mean achievements in the homeland for the homeland. Achievements that earn worldwide respect.

It is this singular thought that made me wonder if a few statements could be made to trend on social media, inspiring Indians across all walks of life to dream big for India’s future. For, my dear countrymen and countrywomen, just a slogan #MakeInIndia won’t do it. Oh, the slogan might bring some success in opening up India’s manufacturing sector but chances are more than good that all we will achieve is to become another Job shop for the developed world.

By itself, being a Job shop isn’t a bad thing right now. Because India needs the jobs. But we have to think beyond that and prepare for a future where India is self-sufficient and creates global markets instead of merely supplying or servicing them.

So, here are a few thoughts on what we need to #AddInIndia to make that dream come true. I am posting them here in the form of tweets in the hope that my fellow Indians will respond and start a trend on Twitter. And, I am doing so in the hope that the trending tweets will help awaken Indians everywhere to creating world-class, breakthrough products that they can take real pride in. So that the next #MakeInIndia show at Hannover Messe or elsewhere showcases recent achievements by Indians for India.

Who am I to even suggest this? Nobody. Just a dreamer and a writer who lives in hope that India will awaken to realize its full potential.

There are many more thoughts I could add here. But perhaps it would be better if readers who agree with me that we need a #AddInIndia movement to the #MakeInIndia campaign tweet their own ideas with these hashtags. For, it’s time we gave up our self-deprecating humour in statements such as “In India, we are like this only.” It’s time to change and think of building on the legacy of an ancient India, which at one time had the world’s largest GDP.

Are you game? Are you up to it?

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#MakeInIndia #AddInIndia

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Featured Image Credit: Odissi dance performance at the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur (Image courtesy Aruna Trada).



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