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I wish I had known about BlogAdda’s Honour a fellow blogger with a #YouMakeMeWin message when I posted The Echo of Words Through Time a few days ago. If only! Because that would have been the perfect concept for nominating fellow bloggers.

Well, never mind. I guess I can still justify my nominations below on the grounds that, in my view, the wordcraft of these bloggers is bound to echo through time.

Sometime ago I had also written a post titled The Day I Stopped Being a Content SnobWhile I am still trying to live up to that, for the purpose of honouring fellow bloggers with a #YouMakeMeWin message, I think it is best that I adhere to some golden rules of communication.

The best communicators, across media, know the importance of (a) knowing their audience; (b) having something relevant and interesting to say to that audience; and (c) crafting their messages to hold attention.

Based on the above criteria, I think the bloggers below may well soon hear BlogAdda say, “And the award goes to…”:

Sunaina Sharma for the way her words can emote with her readers. Don’t take my word for it. Read her Songs Mom Sang. Better still, read her poetry in Kaise kahdoon ki jeevan mein ek kahani hai baki (How do I tell you that life still has one more story to unfold?) That’s right. Sunaina is a multi-linguist, talented writer. I was so blown away by the last that I tagged several people on Facebook. Just check out the entire string of appreciative comments here.

Suzy for her simply incredible interpretation of the great Indian epic The Ramayana. In Suzy’s own words, here it is: “A bit of poetry, a bit of prose/ An epic event as seen by my soul/ What could it be you may all ponder/ “Love is in the air” here and yonder.” You can read Suzy’s My Ramayana here.

Purba Ray. I am fond of saying, “Excellent work speaks for itself and needs no selling.” Need I say more? Other than suggest that the BlogAdda team read The serious business of Bhalobasha, the Bengali way. I will add that several Bengalis I know cracked up over this post. That was to be expected. But what about this non-Bengali who loved it and shared it? That’s excellent writing for you. Getting a much wider audience to relate.

Archana & Desh KapoorThis wife-husband blogger duo sure know how to pick their topics and keep their audience interested and engaged. Browse their blog site and experience for yourself Archana’s haikus, Desh’s travelogues or the duo’s  news commentary.

Qamar Waheed Naqvi. If I were to tell you that I struggle to read Hindi and yet I painstakingly read every line of Naqvi saheb’s posts, what does that make you believe? Yes, absolutely. Naqvi saheb’s posts are worth reading for their well-crafted and thought provoking messages. Sample just one and you will agree with me. Read Desh Mein Nikhla Ulta Chand.

I wish I could add more fellow bloggers here but I think seriously upholding the intent of #YouMakeMeWin means being forced to pick the best amongst the best inspirations. This is not to say that other bloggers have not inspired me or added to my knowledge. They have. Let me acknowledge a few here – Top10 Reviews, Rachna Parmar, Vidya Sury, Sreedhar Bhattaram, Saru Singhal, Corinne Rodrigues, Shweta, and Aditi Mathur Kumar.

The names mentioned here are just top-of-mind. It doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed reading posts from other bloggers. I have. And the posts I truly like, I always make it a point to share on my social networks. So, even bloggers not mentioned here will surely know that I have appreciated their work.

I share posts I like because, after all, good blogs need to reach a wider, non-blogging audience. That’s where the blogging community truly needs to work together. It’s something I am writing about and it’s in draft stage. The working title is Halt! Save Those Blogs From Being Banquished! I hope to publish it tomorrow. So, do watch out for it:)

I’m blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN15

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