Arey, Arey……Aarey. Genocide by Concrete!

This is a wake-up call for all parents in Mumbai city. A mass murder is being planned to kill your children, tragically by the very leaders we empowered with our votes to safeguard their future.

The signs are there. Ask the pediatricians practising in our so called great city. They will tell you that they are increasingly treating young Mumbaikars for respiratory problems. Nebuliser sales are probably shooting through the roof as a result. Soon, our little ones will be sent to school with oxygen cylinders as backpacks.

Is this what parents want? To see their children struggle to breathe? If their brains don’t get sufficient oxygen how will our little ones learn and grow? If nothing, with parental ambition at such unhealthy levels, at least the last statement may trigger alarm bells and snap all Mumbaikars out of their apathy.

Wake-up! The Bombay Muncipal Corporation (BMC) is engaged in drawing up plans to collapse the last remaining lungs of Mumbai city. Aarey colony.

The Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis did say in February 2015 that there was no question of permitting development and depleting Aarey’s green cover. But we still need to be alert.

Mumbaikars have long been used to difficult commutes. Surely we can continue our merry way to work singing bhajans, playing cards, catching up on our reading and dreaming as we commute to and fro. Do we really need a Metro or flyover cutting a concrete swathe across Aarey?

When the oxygen supply to the city is choked off at the source, a mass genocide of sorts will take place.

Save the trees. Save Aarey. Save the oxygen for your children. Save Mumbai.


Featured Image Credit: November Dawn by Attila Magyar – under Creative Commons license

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