Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation By The Word

I spent some five decades of my life in search of happiness. Funny, but I finally found it when I gave up the notion of it, formed by society’s relentless marketing of moh maya*.

My journey to that point was frequently soul destroying.

If my soul is alive today, I have cardiopulmonary resuscitation by the word to thank.

That’s right. Each time I felt I was drowning in the world human society created, new life was breathed into me by the words of writers I discovered, forcing me into re-circulation.

Those words were lifesaving.

Those words helped me make sense of my role in the larger scheme of things.

Those words painted a wistful picture of how the world could be, comforting me that I wasn’t alone in questioning the system I lived in.

Those words helped me better understand the people in my lives.

Those words made me question myself, stripping me of pretence and forcing me to face my self.

Those words provoked new thoughts and perspectives by holding up life’s many mirrors.

Those words also took me on unimaginable odysseys to different universes.

Those words encouraged me to dream of endless possibilities.

Those words made me laugh, made me cry, made me live!

Today, I am a blogger and hope-to-be book-author trying to find my own words.

Why do I write? Why do I feel the need?

I write because I love the imagery of words.

I write to capture thoughts before they fall through the sieve of my mind.

I write to liberate myself from the confines of the same mind.

I write to think things through.

I write to comfort myself.

I write to lose myself in a world of my creation.

I write in the hope that my words may comfort some soul out there.

I write to reach out.

I write to relate, connect, provoke thought.

I write to feel alive.

I write to leave a piece of myself behind.

Words do echo through time, you know?


This post is thanks to Corinne Rodrigues posting about the I Write Because project in her #MondayMusings on Write Tribe. If the project is of interest to you as a writer/blogger, go to the I Write Because Project Page hosted by Jennifer Simpson. Even if you opt out, do read the Nobel Lecture given by Orhan Parmuk. The lecture will speak to you about why he is a Nobel Laureate.

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Featured Cover Image Credit: Phantom Phemale by Steve  Corey ( CC By-ND 2.0)

  • Moh Maya – Moh means love or attachment. Maya means illusion. In Indian philosophy, a soul finally gets liberated when it frees itself from worldly attachments, be it material or emotional. Freeing oneself from emotional attachments does not mean retreating physically from the world of relationships. It’s more about giving people in your life the space to grow as also not allowing attachments to come in the way of self-development.

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