Wave Song

She felt a wave of longing. He experienced a swell of emotion rising in him like a tidal wave. Ever wondered where these phrases, which we use so unconsciously all the time, came from? Well, I think they must have sprung from the way we feel whenever we stand on a shore gazing at the… Continue reading Wave Song

Colour Me Green!

I am puzzled as to why the colour green is associated with envy, which is such a negative emotion! Unless it’s humankind’s way of saying that the species is envious of the beautiful green canvas painted by Mother Nature? I have just returned from a gorgeous ‘Colour Me Green’ road trip to Ganpatipule with my… Continue reading Colour Me Green!

An Open Letter to the Malaysian Tourism Minister

Dear Mr. Nazri Aziz, I am writing this post as an open letter with the express hope that it will be circulated widely enough to reach you. At the outset, let me state that I am writing this as a friend and well-wisher of Malaysia, a country I have visited at least 10 times since… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Malaysian Tourism Minister

Prambanan – The Evoking of Universal Consciousness

Everyday life leaves little room in one’s mind space to explore new frontiers of knowledge. Voracious readers or watchers of infotainment are fortunate that way because they are able to, at the least, absorb the thoughts and explorations of fellow human beings. There is a third category of fortunate people. Avid travelers. Because traveling to… Continue reading Prambanan – The Evoking of Universal Consciousness

Borobudur – A mountain of combined virtues

If it weren’t for my friends, JJ and Aruna Trada in Kuala Lumpur, I doubt I would have heard of, let alone visit, Borobudur in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. My sister, Sudha Seshadri, is very knowledgeable about ancient monuments, going to show I need to spend more time in tapping into her know-how. Well, live and learn. Anyway,… Continue reading Borobudur – A mountain of combined virtues

A 8th Century Voyage in Borubudur!

When you visit Borubudur in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, you go with expectations of exploring ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples. What you don’t expect is a chance to vicariously relive an 8th century voyage in the 3rd millennium!