Lonely is the night, ’til the dawn of the sight,  Light falls not at the bedside,  But illumines a world inside,  The only life that matters awakes,  A whirling dervish of smiles and aches,  Come along, come along, the memories call to play, Together, the dragons we will slay.  If you liked the verse Nightwatch, you… Continue reading Nightwatch

Wave Song

She felt a wave of longing. He experienced a swell of emotion rising in him like a tidal wave. Ever wondered where these phrases, which we use so unconsciously all the time, came from? Well, I think they must have sprung from the way we feel whenever we stand on a shore gazing at the… Continue reading Wave Song

Mother India lives on in Malaysia!

The first thing that strikes you when you meet Leela Mami, as she is widely known in Malaysia, is the aura of dignity she exudes. In my mind, I think of her as Leela Ba (Ba means mother in Gujarati). Because that’s what she is. The epitome of the spirit of motherhood. The outcome of… Continue reading Mother India lives on in Malaysia!

Get, Set & Go!

Get, Set & Go! Walk in wakefulness, In that lies success & happiness. Set your own goals, The game of ‘others’ is full of  fouls. The money trail leads to false Gods, So what if it is peppered with Power Lords? It’s mere Smoke & Mirrors, Play it if you must for the Thrill of … Continue reading Get, Set & Go!

Ek Ahsaas!

एक ऐहसास – my first attempt at poetry in Hindi. The verse in Ek Ahsaas was composed by yours truly. The poem has been edited by Aruna Trada. Aruna has also written the verse out in Hindi as I can’t spell the words in that language to save my life. The voice in the audio… Continue reading Ek Ahsaas!