To the Right and the Left of a Woman

To the right of a woman are people who believe that she should not emerge out of her veiled existence. To the left of a woman are those who pledge to bestow her with equal status to a man. To the right and the left of a woman, there are squabbles about her place in the sun. I… Continue reading To the Right and the Left of a Woman

The Height of Selfishness

A friend of mine, Nikhil Vaish, contacted me recently asking if I would help spread the good word on a project he is involved in with Bhumi, India’s largest youth volunteer organization. I asked Nikhil to send me a brief on the project and when he did, I was impressed by the material. So much… Continue reading The Height of Selfishness

The day I met Shah Rukh Khan!

The day I met Shah Rukh Khan, I learnt why I should not approach life with preconceived notions. 

The Colour of Dreams!

For a long time, I thought I spent my sleeping time dreaming in vivid colour. Till one day, when a client and friend, J. R. K. Rao, informed me that night time dreams were always in black and white. Since then, my dreams have been painted only in shades of black and white. What does… Continue reading The Colour of Dreams!

And the award goes to….

I wish I had known about BlogAdda’s Honour a fellow blogger with a #YouMakeMeWin message when I posted The Echo of Words Through Time a few days ago. If only! Because that would have been the perfect concept for nominating fellow bloggers. Well, never mind. I guess I can still justify my nominations below on the grounds that,… Continue reading And the award goes to….

The Echo of Words Through Time!

Words have power. Words have impact. Words can echo through time. Here are some words that I can never forget because they left an indelible impact on me, changing me forever.