Powering Jet Airways with a Yellow Rose

Powering Jet Airways with a Yellow Rose is the story of how the flower came to be chosen as the symbol for the airline. The story has been extracted (with a few modifications) from the book A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant.

Shh, walls have ears. Phones do too!

“Shh, walls have ears. Let’s take this elsewhere.” Ever been pulled away to a corridor or outdoors after hearing that admonishment? Ever thought, “This is silly. Who could be listening?” Ever wondered where the saying came from? Well, according to Dictionary.com, the old saying ‘ Walls have ears’ may have originated from a story about Dionysius of… Continue reading Shh, walls have ears. Phones do too!

The Robotics Emperor

He had been up all night keeping vigil while his team of super-intelligent engineers put the finishing touches on his plan to roboticize his entire business operation. The field tests were scheduled for the next morning. The countdown had begun and he just couldn’t wait to see the end-to-end mechanisation in operation. He turned to… Continue reading The Robotics Emperor

Education On The Rocks!

“My marriage is on the rocks!” “Scotch on the rocks, please.” I can understand why people say a marriage is on the rocks. I am quite certain the expression came to be originally borrowed from the evocative, if distressing, image of ships being wrecked by unseen rocks in the water. Or, the term could have… Continue reading Education On The Rocks!

Is Customer Insensitivity All The Rage?

“We are a customer centric organization.” Log onto almost any corporate website and you are almost guaranteed to read the aforesaid statement. Or, statements such as “Our mission is to fulfill our customers’ needs.” Sadly, such statements are usually mere lip service to customer satisfaction and rarely translate into reality. In today’s post, I am… Continue reading Is Customer Insensitivity All The Rage?

Housing.com – Smoke Signals and a Smoke Screen

Housing.com has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. To really understand what’s going on though, one has to look beyond the reportage and read the smoke signals sent out a few weeks ago and the smoke screen being put up now.

Intelligence Upped and Offed!

Do you have children or grandchildren? Do you have dreams for them? Do you want them to grow into self-sufficient, intelligent, caring and responsible adults? Do you wish to safeguard their future by leaving behind a better world? If your answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, here’s why you need to begin… Continue reading Intelligence Upped and Offed!