The Bread Earner: A Cautionary HR Tale

Her 10-year old was bent over his school books, halfheartedly completing his homework. The light from the iPad screen illuminated his younger brother’s face, spotlighting his mirth as he watched his favourite YouTube video. He had been granted screen time to prevent him from disturbing his older sibling. Keeping a watchful eye on both her children, she… Continue reading The Bread Earner: A Cautionary HR Tale

Singled & Shingled Out!

Born in India around the time the twentieth century turned 60 years of age, I was fortunate in that my parents were liberal, open-minded folks. No doubt, it helped that my mother was a woman way ahead of her times with the God-given guts and liberal husband to support her. Even so, being born female,… Continue reading Singled & Shingled Out!

Bumped down to earth!

In 1991, I packed my bags and ran as far as I could. I left a job as Client Services Director in a reputed advertising agency. I left my mother. I left my sister and her kids. I left everything. I didn’t leave to seek my fortune elsewhere. The simple truth is I was just… Continue reading Bumped down to earth!

Red-faced over a pink slip

LinkedIn Pulse is running a series where professionals reflect on their inevitable career mistakes. The topic and several posts I read in the series made me look back on my career and reflect on the low points. As I reflected, the one ‘low’ that persistently shadowed my thinking and kept saying, “I qualify as #BestMistake, write about… Continue reading Red-faced over a pink slip

Reflections on approaching my sell-by date!

LinkedIn is running a Pulse series where professionals share all the right – and wrong – ways to leave a job. This is a subject I have been reflecting on for over a year now as the realisation began to set in that I was approaching my sell-by date. Since LinkedIn has invited contributions to… Continue reading Reflections on approaching my sell-by date!

Beneath Social Media!

There is one office colleague of mine who comes across as very taciturn. Even standoffish. Bother to look beyond the surface and it’s a whole different story. The guy is actually a closet romantic. You can tell. By the songs he chooses for his caller tune on his phone. He is a deep thinker. You… Continue reading Beneath Social Media!

Corporate life and the Guru-Shishya principle

In the Corporate world, a learning organization is seen as one that facilitates and encourages its employees to continuously seek knowledge and learning. The organization invests in training programs (external and internal) and places at its employees’ disposal multiple knowledge platforms and tools. By doing so, the organization hopes that innovation will ensue, keeping it… Continue reading Corporate life and the Guru-Shishya principle