Colours maketh a woman!

The human race has always sought beauty. A touch of white here. A dab of red there. A dash of green in between. A blue sash encircling. A myriad range of hues used to express the self, life or present sheer imagination. It’s an art, which has been honed to perfection over the millennia. And… Continue reading Colours maketh a woman!

What’s life without expression?

The baby decides to test her vocal chords by tentatively singing the ‘a..a…ah’ note. The mother’s head turns on hearing the sound. She lifts her hands to her cheeks even as her eyes widen in delight. Rushing to her singing baby, she echoes the ‘a..a..ah…aah’ melody. The baby gurgles and beams in delight. On another… Continue reading What’s life without expression?

Storm the Norm

Much of a book’s success lies in a title or headline, which intrigues while clearly indicating the content of the pages inside. If the book title has the potential to become a catch phrase, so much the better. Anisha Motwani’s Storm the Norm scores on both these aspects. I know it did with me because I… Continue reading Storm the Norm

Stumped by OPPO

I watched a cricket match in its entirety last night (India vs. Pakistan at Eden Gardens, Kolkata) after perhaps the last ICC One-Day Cricket World Cup. Usually, it is only on such occasions that I tend to catch up on all the television ad fare because the commercial breaks are far too short to wander away… Continue reading Stumped by OPPO

A Dance with the Corporate Ton

“What is someone like her doing in advertising?” This was the question asked by a puzzled Britisher who was the Managing Director of a leading multinational firm in India after he met her for the first time. It was a question that she sensed in the air around her right through her career.

Bajaj V: Stepping up India’s heartbeats!

After what seems like eons, a product concept caught my eye the other day and made my heart first soar with awe and then dance with joy. The awe was for the creative mind who conceived of a brand idea and emotion that would be embedded in the product itself. The joy was because this… Continue reading Bajaj V: Stepping up India’s heartbeats!