The human ego is sometimes said to be a shield; an instrument of self-preservation. A person can, therefore, end up being cocooned by her or his ego! Read the following lines and think on it!



Egoless, shieldless,

I opened myself to a world of  hurt and joy,

Up and down, round and round, I went, o’boy!


Life then was always in a tizzy,

Making me mad and dizzy.

It was in the end no joy ride,,

All it did was ignite my pride.


Enough, I said,

No more, no more emotion can I bled.

Shielded now by my own cocoon,

I shelter in till the rising of the next blood moon.


If you like Cocooned, you can download the poem as picture and text below:



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Featured Image Credit: Skyline over Penang, Malaysia by Lata Subramanian.

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