E-Waste your world away!

e-Waste to your heart’s content and one day that’s all the Earth will have to offer you to feast your eyes on.

Stop! Before you carelessly discard your expired smart phone, iPad, Kindle or any other electronics into the same waste bin marked for kitchen waste or recyclables, consider the following facts*:

  1. E-Waste when disposed of or recycled improperly can cause environmental pollution and adversely affect the human body.
  2. Burning e-waste and dumping e-waste into landfills or even using informal facilities for e-waste disposal and recycling can pollute our planet’s ecosystem and ultimately cause health hazards.
  3. As long as the harmful components in electronics are enclosed within the original manufacturer’s designed outer-shell of the product, they don’t pose much of a danger as they have been engineered to contain any such effects. This is why consumers need to ensure that they dispose their e-waste only at authorised recycling centres. To do so, look for information on the product’s user guide for end-of-life equipment handling.

Sometime ago, I had read elsewhere about the environmental danger posed by improperly discarded electronics. Since then, I have always fretted over disposing off no longer used household electronics.

I fretted but I must admit that I am guilty of dropping that phone into the dry waste bin thinking that in India there is no option for responsible e-waste disposal.

Now though I know better, thanks to my new Kindle Paperwhite (a farewell gift from my colleagues at Sterling Holiday Resorts).

I was thrilled with such a thoughtful gift. But I was equally thrilled when I saw a flyer enclosed with the Kindle Paperwhite, which had carefully laid out instructions on how the Kindle is to be disposed. In fact, the facts laid out above are extracted from the flyer.

Did you know that Attero, a recycling company, has been authorised by Amazon for collecting e-waste from consumers and for further disposal of such e-waste as per the E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011, effective May 1, 2012?

Kindle recycling information - Image by Lata Subramanian
Kindle recycling information – Image by Lata Subramanian

Well, now you know who to contact to dispose your e-waste responsibly! As do I:)

Enough said. But let me leave you with this wonderful short film Nature is Speaking by Conservation International – starring Julia Roberts as Mother Nature.

Oh, one more thing! Can we make every day World Environment Day and work towards restoring this planet to the work of art Mother Nature made it?

#WorldEnvironmentDay #kindlepaperwhite

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Featured Image Credit: E-waste by Curtis Palmer (Flickr.com CC By 2.0)

*recycling information for indian customers – facts extracted from the flyer enclosed with Kindle Paperwhite.

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