Ek Ahsaas!

एक ऐहसास – my first attempt at poetry in Hindi. The verse in Ek Ahsaas was composed by yours truly. The poem has been edited by Aruna Trada. Aruna has also written the verse out in Hindi as I can’t spell the words in that language to save my life. The voice in the audio recital is also Aruna’s as my Hindi pronunciation is not that great either. Plus she has a sweeter voice:)

Do listen to the audio and then go on to read the verse. Once you are done, I am hoping that you will express any emotion felt or thought on the verse in the comment field below. It’s always a pleasure to hear from my readers and fellow bloggers.


एक ऐहसास

बहुत देख ली है ज़िन्दगी,

अब ना कोई चाह है  बाक़ी,

ना कोई गिला ना शिकवा ,

रह गई बस एक ख़्वाहिश,

मौत आते आते ना रुक जाए.


ऐ मौत, एक बिन्ती है तुझसे,

इन्तज़ार है, बेचैनी है,

नफ़रत की आग बुझा दे,

अत्याचारों का गला घोंट दे,

ज़रूरत है दुनिया को नए जीवन की,

जो आत्मा जीवित है,

उसको ठंडक की साँस पहुँचा दे!


बस एक ऐहसास.

If you liked Ek Ahsaas, you can download the picture with the verse here:


Ek Ahsaas!

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