Face Off. With Yourself!

I have penned 4 blogs so far. Of these, the blog I wrote titled “It’s rarely ever about you. Or, is it really?” received the most attention. Like most writers, of course it pleased me that my work received the attention it did. My take was that the content of the blog was on a theme that people resonated with. Until this morning when the dimwit bulb flashed in my brain. It was the title that attracted, leading to people clicking the link and reading.

Maybe thereafter the blog content did resonate but how many of the handful who read the blog would have if it weren’t for the title which stressed on the ‘you’ (read as ‘I’)?  Nothing wrong there. After all, at the end of the day, life boils down to being a journey of self-discovery. At least, that’s what I figure life to be.

The irony of the journey of self-discovery though lies in the fact that one has to get out-of-the-self to discover it. Much like examining an object under a magnifying glass or through a microscope.  If the very image of doing that is disconcerting, imagine yourself as a character on life’s stage with all the people in your life interacting with you playing out the scenes from life’s drama.  Then see your character from the lens of a neutral audience viewing the drama or closer home, from the eyes of the myriad characters with you on that stage. Now, that sounds more like fun, doesn’t it? After all, we all see ourselves as the hero of our life’s story.

As the story unfolds, it will likely be a gossamer’s web and may take time to unravel to discern even kernels of truth here and there. But it’s a process of discovery worth undertaking. A note of caution though. It’s not a comfortable journey. Facing off with yourself is hard. What do they say? The truth hurts. But if you find and accept the truth, it is also the most liberating of all experiences. The truth does set you free of misconceptions about yourself and people in your life. It may even heal relationships because facing yourself through the eyes of others also brings a deeper understanding of the people around you and what makes them tick.

And yes, I write from my own experience. I treasure the hard moments of truth that emerged from facing off with myself. Each time was a liberating and transforming experience of the self, setting me free from a maelstrom of self-absorption and narrow perspectives. Perhaps it would help if I described those moments in the setting of a novel. Maybe someday I will.

Featured Image Credit: Parallel Mirrors by Tomato Umlat (Flickr) under Creative Commons License

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