Notices to delegates of extensibility meeting 扩展性会议代表告示

International high-level academic forum of "Translation and History of Sinology" invited delegates that are divided into two levels. Firstly, the central spokesman, including the eminent Sinologist and Sinology research scholars that are mainly from a number of countries and regions. They have been invited them in place, and formed a strong group of lectures at the moment. Second, extensibility delegates are beyond the center of the spokesman. Domestic and foreign scholars (including graduate students in related majors) can register to take part in this group. The matters of invitation and participants will be explained as follows:

According to the schedule of the meeting, extensibility delegates will not participate in the keynote speech of the meeting, but the meeting can send the same official invitation letter to whom applied to participate as a basis for participation the meeting.
Extensibility delegates generally do not have to submit papers. While the meeting also intends to organize a youth forum in the evening of September 15, scholars who are willing to speak in the evening forum can also submit papers, once approved, you can be set as a spokesman. For this part of the higher quality papers, the organizing committee will arrange those published in the official magazine and journal.
Extensibility delegates' charge of participants is paid by themselves. In view of the heavy burden of committee affairs, we are also unable to arrange the accommodation of extensibility delegates. However, the meeting will provide hotels information around the venue on the site in advance for delegates to choose. Beijing's attendees should not have these problems.
Who are willing to attend the meeting, please go to Online Application as soon as possible.


请愿意参加会议者,尽早上网报名。报名请点击 网上申请
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