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Translation, for the linguistic differences among nationalities, has been playing the most important connecting role in the international exchange activities. "Connecting World", the theme of 2016 International Translation Day, carries the same connotation. China, for example, starts her interaction with the overseas from the translation of the Buddhist scriptures, to the late 16th century missionaries works, up to today's multilingual, multifunctional translation, connecting China and the world closely together. Many of translation case studies have also been incorporated into the vision of Sinology history, extending its border. To some extent, we may say that the history of translation and the history of Sinology have developed synchronously.
In order to trace back to the history of translation activities in academic review and reflection, Chinese Culture Communication and Translation Research Center is going to hold a related high-level international academic symposium in September 2017. The interrelation of the concepts "translation" and "Sinology" will be highlighted, for one reason is to put some restrictions on the topics, that is, the main concern is the Chinese translation exporting to the outside world; for another reason is to broaden the conceptual scope of Sinology and to promote the status of translation in the academic discourse system by considering the history of translation as part of the history of Sinology. Although we have a clearer understanding on the latter, there is still long way to go. On the purpose of promoting the studies of this discipline, we hope to take this opportunity to focus on the theories and translation practice and bring the profound inspiration to today's increasingly vigorous translation studies and practice.
In 2014, Chinese Culture Communication and Translation Research Center, which is aimed to specific studies and promotion of translation and communication, was jointly established by Chinese Ministry of Culture and Beijing Languages and Culture University. It has organized a series of important cultural and academic exchanges with foreign countries and universities. We sincerely hope the conference in September 2017 will promote the communication among scholars in the field of translation history and translatology studies by sharing their thoughts and achievements.
由于各民族之间在语言上存在的差别,翻译,在国际交往活动中一直担当着最为重要的中介作用,2016年国际翻译日的主题为“Connecting World”,取的也是这个含义。以中国为例,其与海外的交往,自著名的佛经翻译始,至16世纪晚期以来的传教士翻译,再至今日涉及的多语种、多功能的翻译,使得中国与世界更为紧密地连结在了一起。其中许多的实例也纳入到了汉学史的视野之中,丰富了汉学史的版图,从某种意义上看,翻译史与汉学史也是同步发展起来的。
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