I found Fanny!

I had almost forgotten the pleasure of watching a film on the big screen. I was prompted out of my indolence by connecting with a bunch of school mates after 40 years on WhatsApp. I didn’t have to do anything as I was simply added to the group by two enterprising people. The trip down memory lane reminded me of my love for watching movies on the big screen, leading me to find Fanny. And dare I say, a bit of the self I had lost. Such as memories of Ms. Fernandes or Fanny in short who was our geography teacher in Walsingham House School

There was a time when one would turn eagerly to the movie listings every Friday. Those days are now long gone because I don’t even buy a newspaper anymore. I guess I should subscribe to a Book My Show e-newsletter now or something of the sort to keep track of movie releases.

Anyway, being cut off from the movie buzz, I didn’t even know that Finding Fanny was an English film dubbed in Hindi. Since I learnt of the film courtesy a tweet from Karan Johar on my twitter feed, I thought it was a Hindi film. So, I ended up watching it in Hindi. I guess I will never know if I missed something unless I take the trouble of seeing the film again in English. Something I have no intention of doing as the film is not one I could watch again.

Does that mean the film was not worth the price of the movie ticket and the bad popcorn? No, no. The film is well made and worth the price. If nothing else, because one will leave the theatre with admiration for the fact that Dimple Kapadia has the guts and the aplomb to wiggle her now ample fanny at the audience.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that bad punning. Truth is Dimple Kapadia steals the show from all the stalwarts flanking her in the film. Seriously, watch the film for her stellar performance.

And because Finding Fanny is a film that tells a tale of pathos sans the pathos.

If nothing else, there’s the beauty of Goa that beckons you throughout the film.

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