Get, Set & Go!

Get, Set & Go!

Walk in wakefulness,

In that lies success & happiness.

Set your own goals,

The game of ‘others’ is full of  fouls.

The money trail leads to false Gods,

So what if it is peppered with Power Lords?

It’s mere Smoke & Mirrors,

Play it if you must for the Thrill of  Terrors.

Beware;  the glam world is full of illusions,

Its people led astray by self-delusions.

This Charm Dance has been on for many an eon,

Sadly, many think it’s the only game in town.

You may play it fairly successfully,

But it is doubtful, happily!


If you liked the verse Get, Set & Go, you can download the picture with the verse here:



#100WordsonSaturday 18 July 2015 #poetry #success #happiness

100 Words on Saturday

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