G2G – God to God!

“When I was but a child, many an adult in my life (other than my parents) would paint me a frightening picture of you, my God.”

“You know everything, right?”

“So, you must remember the time when an innocent 5 or 6-year-old little girl pointed to a wall-hung picture of the good Lord Muruga (Kartikeya),* presiding over the temple atop Palani Hills?* This was in her maternal grandparents home in Old Kalapathy, Palakkad, Kerala. Do you remember how she excitedly proclaimed, “I want to go there”?

“Do you recall how several adults pounced on the little girl, shushing her and saying, “Don’t say that. If you say it, you have to visit the temple.”

“Of all the zillion memories I must have stored in my head, God, can you tell me why this one sticks out?”

“G2G, God to God, I have the same question.”

“Why do we need to fear you and your wrath?”

“Why do we use a demonic spectre of you to make little children and so-called mature, adults toe your purported line?”

“For years, as I grew up, I used to go to sleep thanking every God whose existence I was aware of – from the Hindu pantheon to Allah, Buddha and Jesus Christ. You see, I was petrified that I would end up annoying one God or the other.”

“That wasn’t all.”

“For over some 40 odd years, I strove to be ‘good’, thinking that if I succeeded, you, God, would reward me and protect me.”

“I never achieved my childish, ignorant desires and so, for a time, I began doubting you.”

“It took me a lot of pondering over my pain and wondering over the way life functions to finally realize that you are, more or less, a silent spectator. One who stands by, watching us struggle to figure it out and make our way to the Golden Goal.”

“Tell me, am I right in my understanding of the Golden Goal?”

“Is the goal of earthly life to gain the ability to discern between good and bad, right and wrong? And through that journey, earn hard-won self respect?”

“God, I can see an amused smile on your face now:)”

“Your eyes are smiling too.”

“I can hear your thought – Ah, she has figured it out! True-blue happiness lies in self-respect, not in material prosperity or popularity.”

“No, wait. Don’t go away. I still have questions for you.”

“I believe I have been through a lot. But what I have suffered is nothing compared to the pain of many. In fact, I now know I am one of the lucky ones who never went hungry and always had a roof over her head. As important, I was fortunate to have people in my life who pointed me in the direction of acquiring knowledge.”

“I now realize that you, God, were not a silent spectator. You never were, were you? Wasn’t it you who sent many a helping hand my way in the form of people who befriended me, comforted me, helped me find a job?”

“Wasn’t it also you who arranged for the Sterling Holiday Resorts job offer to fall into my lap in 2009? I guess you, in your infinite wisdom, knew that the best comfort you could offer me, after my mother passed away, was to enable me to escape into your lap and get soothed. For that, Mother Nature, I love and thank you.”

“I realize a lot now. At least, I think I do. But I still doubt you, your plan, and your purpose. Increasingly so!”

“What’s that? You ask, if I have figured out so much, what’s to doubt?”

“Well, God, it’s because I think humanity is becoming a lost cause. Surely, you can see it too? How they hold up ‘goodness’ as the path to you and then constantly punish the good! God, several of my posts on my blog site Lata Wonders talk about this ridiculous phenomenon. Surely, you have already read Punishing the good and so, know where I am headed with the questions I am now tweeting to you?”

“What answer do you have for this ridiculous state of affairs, God?”

“Tell me, G2G. God to God, answer me. I am serious. Often, I think, morals were invented by the rich to keep the poor quiet and meek. Am I right?”

“Yes, yes I know. You are looking at me quizzically and thinking, “She is still a Doubting Thomas.”

“God, I am sorry, but yes, I continue to doubt you.”

“Tell me, what do you feel when you witness a child in the troubled Middle East throwing her hands up in the air in a ‘don’t shoot’ signal at the mere sight of an adult approaching?”

“Answer me, what do you feel when you see child trafficking and children being raped to satisfy beastly lusts? I refuse to call it animal lust and insult animals who are far better behaved than so-called civilized beasts.”

“I am looking for answers here, G2G. I know the media here, on this planet, is sensationalist and negative about everything. But even so, aren’t the forces of evil on the march?”

“If I am even half-way right, tell me, God, why are you standing by, quiet?”

“Let me tell you one last thing. I don’t want to doubt you. If anything, I desperately want to believe that a loving presence is waiting for me when I leave this earthly existence.”

“Don’t take that away from me, O God. All you have to do is please answer this prayer of mine. I am sorry if the beginning is a bit flippant but I am just trying to take the sting out of this by attempting some humour – albeit poor humour”:

Knock knock. Who’s there?
God who?
God who only knows!

Do you? Know?

Your identity they rob,
For many  a snow job.
The acts they commit in your name,
Is a terrible matter of shame,
Why do you keep quiet,
Can you not see their victims’ plight?

Desperate am I to believe,
Do my prayers fall through heaven’s sieve?
Hear me, won’t you please?
Goodness needs to reign,
Come, show up and conquer evil’s terrain.

On my knees, beseech do I,
Appear and disprove their lie,
I know you gave us all you had,
Eyes, ears, the brains to choose good or bad.
Sad to say, it was still not enough,
To climb out of hell’s trough.

We need a parent to show us the way,
God, that’s why we look to you and pray.

 If you liked the poem G2G – God to God, you can download the poem as picture and text below:

G2G - God to God


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Featured Image Credit: Lata Subramanian.

*Lord Muruga or Kartikeya is the son of Lord Shiva in the Hindu pantheon of Gods. Palani is a famous temple abode of Lord Muruga in the Palani Hills located in Tamil Nadu, India.


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