Gratitude Shower

Bridal Shower. Baby Shower. But perhaps the best of all Showers is the Gratitude Shower started by the Gratitude Circle. What a lovely concept!

Here’s my Today’s Gratitude List + June 2015 Gratitude Linkup.

If I did a life review, I would have a host of things to be grateful for – my life’s Gratitude Shower.

Actually, in the one year I have been blogging, I have expressed gratitude in several posts for the way my life shaped up and the people who helped me along the way.

So, this morning, I thought why not make the posts I wrote into my Today’s Gratitude List and allow readers to pick and choose the gratitude post that intrigues them most?

I have picked 3 posts from several. Here they are:

  1. The Mother of all Influences – a post dedicated to the parent figures in my life.
  2. Angels with a stethoscope – a tribute to the doctors who treated my mother with incredible care.
  3. Trying out a Near-Death experience starring your Professional Life!  – a remembrance of all the kind people who helped build my career in Advertising and Marketing.

The posts above are my Today’s Gratitude List for the life I have led so far.

But there’s one additional thing I would like to ‘pay forward’ on Today’s Gratitude List.

I would like to thank Mother Nature in advance for blessing the multitude of farmers in India with a good monsoon and a bountiful crop. Call it an advance thanksgiving prayer for the food we eat and for preventing farmer suicides.

The Hungry Tiller!

The earth is parched, 

Sun-baked and scorched.

Towards skies barren, 

Turn the eyes of the farmer-heron,*

Patiently waiting for the shade of grey, 

A harbinger of the thirst-quenching rain spray! 

Prays silently, does he, 

I have a billion plus mouths to feed. 

The hunger I seek to appease, 

Is that of the tiller and his people please! 

  • The heron is a large, fish-eating, wading bird with long legs, a long S-shaped neck and a long-pointed bill. Symbolically, the heron stands for calm, patience, grace, solitude, versatility, tranquility, intelligence, determination, domesticity, and a host of other good qualities.

If you liked the poem The Hungry Tiller, you can download it below:

The Hungry Tiller

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Featured Image Credit: A farmer into his job,early in the misty morning. Image by Simply CVR ( CC By-ND 2.0)


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