Guy On The Sidewalk

The Guy on the Sidewalk. Aren’t we all? There we stand, always gazing at the teeming masses around us jostling for space and a spot in the sun.

That fact alone is probably reason enough to pick up a book titled Guy On The Sidewalk. I know I did.

Why does a reader like a book?

Well, depending on the individual reader, there could be one of several reasons.

One could be obtaining bragging rights over having read an author of known intellect. Another could be as simple as finding a book that offers an escape into a fantasy world, far removed from one’s own mundane or stressed out existence. A third appeal might be finding an author who pushes the frontier of the reader’s thinking to hitherto undiscovered horizons.  But above all these and other reasons is the fact that nothing delights as much as discovering an author who mirrors one’s own thinking and beliefs.

The last is exactly what made reading Guy on the Sidewalk such a pleasure for me.  Here are just two quotes from the book to illustrate my point:

“Going through the difficulty of being honest is easy compared to the difficulties involved in not being honest,” I said.

“Probably slavery never went away from Indian blood though the British left us long back. People preferred submission and safety to risk and revolt any day.”

The quotes I have chosen should not mislead into thinking that Guy on the Sidewalk will be a heavy-going book. It is not. It’s an easy read, narrating the story of one Jayawardhan or “Red”, as he is called.

Actually, I harbour a deep suspicion that “Red” is actually Bharath Krishna, the author. Either that, or Guy on the Sidewalk is a true account of a close friend of the author.

Either which way, it doesn’t really matter. The fact that the book reads true-to-life is why you should seriously consider reading it.

Let me see. Are there other reasons why you should place this book on your ‘to read’ list? I would say, yes!

If you are one of those who got swept away by peer and parental pressure into choosing uncertain life paths, read the book.

If you are someone who thinks the grass in America is greener than in India, read Jayawardhan Red’s story.  Don’t let the fact that there is very little grass growing in India stop you.

If you are from the Information Technology industry and dreaming of an overseas posting, read the book.

There, I have given you 5 good reasons to consider reading Guy on the Sidewalk.

In my view, there could have been even more reasons to praise the book. But the book suffers from the lack of good editing. As a result, a reader who is fussed about the Queen’s English may cringe at the poor grammar and sentence construction in several places. Then there is the fact that good editing would have resulted in Bharath Krishna ruthlessly cutting down on his rambling in a few places. A good editor would also probably have pointed out to Krishna that there is a major loose end left dangling at the end of the story.

But don’t let the book’s flaws stop you. After all, we are all flawed.

You can buy Guy on the Sidewalk here.


Featured Cover Image Credit: Guy on the Sidewalk – Book Cover Image courtesy the author, Bharath Krishna.


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