Happily Unequal!

A young man once asked me where my interests lie. How I would describe myself. I thought for a split second and then said, “Life. It’s life that interests me. So, I guess you could call me a student of life.”

Now, don’t mistake me. I am not a serious student. I read a lot but I don’t exactly have an academic bent. I doubt I could spend my days researching to death any matter that caught my interest and, thereafter, write a thesis. But I do wonder a lot. That’s why this blog site is called Lata Wonders.

My mind is constantly wandering and wondering. And one subject that I wonder about a lot is all the fuss people make about equality.

I mean, come on, if we are not born equal, how can we ever be equal?

If you are not tall, no matter how much you stretch, you will fall short.

If you are born dark coloured, you can smother your skin with all the whitening creams and bleach treatments the world has to offer. But your skin will not be enlightened. Hopefully, you will be though, after your bank account has been emptied that is.

If you have not been endowed with oodles of grey matter, you will not become Einstein. No matter how much you swot, the equation will always remain E = mc² (taking liberties here with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity).

Do I need to go on? Point made, right?

So, let’s think about this.

Is all this striving for equality a recipe for misery?

Wouldn’t we be better off if we instead aimed for treating everyone equally?

Let’s take fat people. Yes, let’s do that given the increasing hysteria over obesity. I have two points to make here.

The first is that ethnic communities differ in their genetics. So, there is zero sense in adopting the American BMI for Indians. Many Indian communities are short and stocky. That does not make them obese.

The second, and perhaps more important point, is that fat people have a lot going for them. After all, they are, by far, the more enjoyable cuddle. Much like really fluffy pillows.

Yeah, yeah, I know what people say. Excess weight is unhealthy. Overweight people have low energy levels. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, let me tell you I have my doubts over that as well. My mom was really fat and she had far more energy and was more hard-working than several bone-thin people in our circles.

I think it’s in the mind. Not the body! Maybe, it’s in the body as well. Different metabolic rates.

The point is if, by nature, you have a tendency to be fat. Accept it.

The point also is that there is no need for lean people to excessively poke fun at fat people. Bless you if are gloriously thin. That fact, however, does not make you superior. In fact, I can argue that fat people have something marvellous going for them.

They are more cuddly.

Consider also this. People striving to be thin often become not just lean but also mean because they are in a constant state of self-induced deprivation.

Yin and Yang manifest in other ways as well.

Brainy people can be a bore. Not-so-brainy people are more lighthearted. They are less taxed.

Innocent people are more likeable. Ever been able to take know-it-all’s in large doses?

So, there’s a flip side to everything.

You have what I don’t. Maybe I have some qualities you don’t.

Why spend time in envy and misery, lamenting what we don’t have?

Far better to cultivate and enjoy what we do possess, know?

Ever considered what life would be like if every single person was the same height, had the same skin tone, same features, same IQ levels?

I have. It would be a sterilised, antiseptic, boring world.

So, come on, let’s celebrate our differences. And, let’s think about being happily unequal. Not, of course, by depriving people of easy access to resources. Or, a fair opportunity to make a living. But in other matters of social grace and judgement, we can, you know, be….Happily Unequal!

Just like the wild, which is a thing of beauty because it’s an artistic mish-mash full of different shades and textures.

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Featured Cover Image Credit: Avalanche Lake Photo by Lata Subramanian.



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