Has anyone seen Quality? I am looking for her.

Quality disappeared around twenty years ago. I have been searching for her since, but in vain. Today, I thought writing an appeal to help me find her might do the trick. Please read Quality’s description below and if you have spotted her anywhere, ping me.

Quality was an ethereal beauty. And like all things ethereal, she had an elusive aura around her making her appear unobtainable.

But oh, one glimpse of Quality and believe me, you could spend hours and days, years even, lost in desire and dreams of possessing her.

Quality’s appeal was so alluring and so strong, she made many a person work diligently towards the goal of knowing her. It was never easy. But all the effort was worth every bead of sweat and each tear drop expended. Because once Quality graciously gave herself over, she was yours for life. Not just that. Quality was different. She challenged the axiom that desire waned on possession.

You see, she was beautiful in and out. She once explained to me that she had been created with so much love that it exuded from her every pore. Reaching out to touch people’s hearts and forming a bond of mutual love. It was that feeling, she said, that made people treasure her.

That same love, she told me, gave her eternal life as she was bequeathed from one generation to another. With each bequeathment, she went onto explain, she took on new life as it was always accompanied with rich memories that made her feel cherished whilst comforting the inheritor. Bestowing both with new life.

You, the reader, may have come across Quality in your life. Or, you might find her amongst family heirlooms.

Think. And then look for her, please.

You might see her in your great grandmother’s necklace. Do you see her looking up at you from the loving craftsmanship? What about the unmistakeable glimmer of pure gold and the precious stones selected with such care?

Or, you might spot Quality hiding in that ancient family armoire, relegated to a dusty corner in the attic. Take a look. Maybe you will spot her peeping out from behind those elegantly moulded legs or the intricately carved story framed on the door.

Merovingian armoire - depicts the victory of the troops of King Merovech over Attila the Hun in 451ad by Mark Skrobola (Flickr.com CC By 2.0)
Merovingian armoire –
depicts the victory of the troops of King Merovech over Attila the Hun in 451ad by Mark Skrobola (Flickr.com CC By 2.0)

Open the trunks stowed away in that same attic. You might find Quality there. Sleeping, tucked away between the folds of fabric. Or, she may be woven in and out of the beautiful threads used in the exquisite embroidery on your great grandmother’s gown or saris.

Do you see the classics stored on your bookshelf? Quality may be within those pages of carefully researched, beautifully penned stories. With each chosen word reflecting the love for Quality.

Look through old family albums. Maybe, you will spot Quality in the loving gaze of a great, great aunt as she carefully polishes a cherished family heirloom.

Can you see her? Feel her?

You do?

Ever seen anything like her?

You haven’t?

I understand. You can’t have. That’s why I am searching for her.

I really miss you, Quality. Please someone find her for me.

I need her. The world needs her. I know. Just by watching people buy and discard. It can’t be a mantra they possibly like.

How can they? If they liked it, why are they constantly seeking, seeking, seeking…..for something new, something better? Maybe, they are also looking for Quality so that they have some family heirlooms to leave behind.

Anyway, I know I need Quality.

If I find Quality, it will make my job in Marketing easier.

Quality will give me a desirable proposition.

Quality will allow me to weave beautiful images in my advertising.

Quality will take up my customer satisfaction scores.

Quality will help me go viral, reducing my marketing costs. 

Quality will save the Earth by meeting sustainable development goals.

Yes, sustainable development. Because Quality, with her everlasting nature, will do away with planned obsolescence. And stop the world from being turned into one big junk yard.

This is an appeal to everyone to please find Quality.

Like I said, I need her. We need her.

So that we can bequeath a beautiful planet to the next generation. And family heirlooms.


Featured Image Credit: Ethereal Beauty by Colin (Flickr.com CC BY 2.0)


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