Honest to goodness!

I have been thinking of blogging for a while because there are so many questions and thoughts that buzz in my head, which may for ever get trapped in my grey matter and perhaps be of use to only the evolution of my soul or genetic code!

Arrogant? Not really. Expressing thoughts are important because interaction with other people often leads to a complete change in perspective or help fine tunes the solution to a problem. Of course, the prerequisite for that to happen is to possess a totally open mind devoid of an ego and interested only in finding answers or seeing a problem solved.
It needs heartfelt communication though. Not something many of us are good at since we put up so many walls between our personal selves and our fellow beings. We hesitate because of a fear of derision or ridicule. We hesitate from a fear of rejection. We hesitate because we don’t want to fail. But if we stop and think for a moment – what is there to fear really?
Here’s a tip; something that has worked for me. I tell myself that people are too lost in themselves to dwell on something I have done beyond a few minutes. I also ask myself how many people who have passed from this world are ever remembered? Even people we knew personally? Memories fade away and only those remain which have had a huge positive or negative impact, indelibly leaving its mark on the soul (genetic code?), perhaps changing its path forever!
So, I believe in fearing not and opening up to the world around me. For inspiration, I look to the courageous curiosity of my 3-year old grand nephew and other children who greet the world with such delight and trust. Till we fill their heads with fear!

I am hoping to use Lata Wonders as a channel of communication which encourages honest and heartfelt exchange of views on various subjects.

Here goes!

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