In Sixth Gear and a Different Plane

My mother used to tell me that whatever a honest person says comes true. Just one of the many things she was fond of saying without feeling the need to elaborate or substantiate.

Her words came back to haunt me several decades later when I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how life worked in an attempt to understand the schematics of my own.

Today, I think I can explain the truth of what my mother used to say. At least, I have a hypothesis. It’s going to be difficult to explain. But let me give it a shot.

Could it be possible that whatever a honest person says comes true because soul deep honesty necessitates being able to leave the ego out of the equation?

Think about it! A very active ego means self-absorbtion and an inward looking person. Cut the ego out and it will  leave you more objective, outward looking and open to receiving messages from the universe around you.

That means an honest person is just reporting signals and messages she or he is picking up from the Universe. In other words, it’s more like Nostradamus’s predictions rather than willing things to happen.

Universe in my hands by Lauro Roger McAllister (creative commons license,
Universe in my hands by Lauro Roger McAllister (creative commons license,

Around 2 decades or so ago, I went through a painful phase, which forced me to face up to certain issues. Part of that process was to overcome denial and look at life, the people in it, and most important, me, myself and I squarely in the eye. Let’s call it learning about dealing with one’s ego and understanding that honesty has to go down into every pore and cell and not just be skin deep.

It was post that phase that I think I moved into sixth gear and began experiencing flashes of life on a different plane. I normally hesitate to speak about this because people look at you disbelievingly. But I do have a few friends who would be able to vouch for the following incidents.

One morning, sometime in 1994 or 1995 when I was driving to work very preoccupied with job related issues, a face kept intruding into my thoughts. It was like this person was forcing himself into my thoughts. I was startled because I wasn’t thinking about anything even remotely connected to him. That same evening I learnt he had been in a car accident. Nothing serious but an accident nevertheless.

There were many incidents such as the one above connected to close friends. I remember once calling up Ehsan Noorani (of Shankar, Ehsan and Loy) and asking if his wife, Madhu, was okay. I can’t remember the details as to whether I had a dream about her dad or Madhu’s face kept forcing itself into my brain waves. What I do remember is Ehsan’s reaction…”My God, how did you know?” You see, her dad was very ill and in hospital.

There were many incidents like this. Too many to recount here. But once I began sensing that people close to me were in trouble, I began having dreams as well. Dreams that would play out in real life. Dreams that warned of impending trouble. When my mother was ill, I could sometimes hear her calling me. Even if I was away from home. And at times, even at home when I would find that though she wasn’t actually calling out, she was in pain. A mind to mind connection?

More unnerving than thoughts that appeared to be what is known as extra-sensory perception (ESP), were the dreams of tidal waves. I dread those dreams because they are usually a forerunner to pain or tragic events. I dreamt of a tidal wave 4-5 days before two people who meant the world to me died. One of them was my mother. And I even mailed my friend about it. A mail dated 3 days before I lost my mother.

On other occasions, rising water in my dreams were warnings about impending trouble. I still don’t understand why I get these dreams and why water is used as a symbol. All I know is that these water dreams make me a nervous wreck. One other thing that I don’t get is why psychic experiences are always linked to negative events.

Like me, there will be many people who have probably experienced psychic phenomena. But hesitate to record them for fear of being ridiculed. I know at least a couple of friends who have had vivid out-of-body experiences. A close friend told me she had floated to the ceiling and was looking down on her body as it was labouring to deliver her second son. My mother told me she had walked around the house even while her body was lying in bed asleep. This was when she was very ill. The experience made her very nervous because she thought it meant impending death.

To people out there who are hesitant to speak out about their psychic experiences, I would say, “take heart.” Because modern day science in the form of quantum physics has just begun to speak of a multitude of universes where chances are that one will be able to find infinite versions of one self. They call it living in a multiverse. All these new hypotheses are stemming from  string theory.*

Interesting that! Leads me to think that other versions of our selves who may know more might be transmitting messages through yet unseen dimensions. But to receive those messages, I think one has to be painfully honest and open to the universe. Not easy!

And oh, I should mention that I seem to have lost my ability for ESP in the last few years. I think it’s because I have emotionally switched off and have lost that deep connection with people around me and the Universe. I am not troubled by the loss. After all, we all need a break from emotions that can be awfully draining.




Featured Image Credit: Parallel Mirrors by Tomato Umlat (Flickr) under Creative Commons License



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