Just Who Am I?


Who Am I? The eternal question! I wasn’t consciously thinking about this but strangely the lines  below just popped into my head last night when I was actually mulling over another blog which is now lying half-written in a draft stage. The lines just flew across my mind space and I was intrigued enough to pen them down this morning.

I am (was) a daughter,

I am a sister,

I am a sis-in-law,

I am an aunt,

I am a second mother to some,

I am a friend,

I am an acquaintance.


I am a boss,

I am a subordinate,

I am a colleague,

I am a hard-working, salaried professional, amongst a millieu.


I am, at times, still a child,

I am a mature adult,

I am wild,

I am sober.


I can be interesting and fun,

I can be a bore,

I am foolish,

I am wise.


I am a lover of Nature, music and literature,

I am arguably a writer,

I am at all times, a thinker.


I am all of the above,

Yet, I am none of the above.


How can you presume to know me?

When I still don’t know who I am,

And what my place is,

Other than being a mere speck in this Universe!









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