Leave Mother Nature Alone!

Yesterday, I introduced readers of this blog site to ProfS. In his second post, ProfS raises an intriguing question. Are we destroying Mother Nature by seeking to commune with her? His post on how Americans plan their tryst with Nature suggests that it might be better to leave Mother Nature alone!

The Americans Commune with Nature.

We decided to go to a state park to be amidst natural surroundings.

This is how it was planned.

Pack the sunscreen spray, the anti bug spray; the ice made with the help of ozone saving chemical refrigerant.

Take the cell phones charged with natural gas, produced by power plants spewing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Then, a two-hour drive in a gas guzzling SUV with unleaded petrol.

The SUV is loaded with hampers of genetically modified food grown with the help of antibiotics and growth promoting hormones.

Let’s not also forget the water  sterilized and packed in bottles made from non bopp plastic.

Okay. So. We are now ready for our commune with Nature, advertised with photographs on cell phones sent to all and sundry through the ether.

Don’t you think it would harm Mother Nature less if we simply stayed at home?

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Smoking pipe 1 by Keith Williamson (Flickr.com CC By 2.0)
Smoking pipe 1 by Keith Williamson (Flickr.com CC By 2.0) – Profile Picture for ProfS


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Featured Cover Image Credit: The dense forest surrounding Avalanche, Ooty. Image by Lata Subramanian


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