Little Einstiens or Drones?

The first guest post on Lata Wonders by none other than my sister, Sudha Seshadri:).

A grandma now, in this post, she asks if we are bringing up little einsteins or drones.

For many years I was out of sync with child upbringing as my kids were all grown up. Recently I as a grandmother have been helping out with my grand kids.

All around me at pre-school and where we live I find that kids – toddlers to pre-teens – are constantly being shunted from one class or activity to the next. The minute school closes, the search for summer camps ( run like schools) begins.

Sadly the little ones have no time to “stand and stare beneath the boughs.”

My personal opinion is that instead of giving kids the freedom to dream and discover , have adventures, explore the many dimensions of the world, we seem to be in the process of creating drones. Reminds me of the clay soldier armies one sees in ancient China.

All the children dance to the same tunes aping the latest Bollywood hits and lead a boxed in life. When is the last time one heard of kids lying in the sand or floor just staring into space? Or, using just anything they find to create make believe worlds. Children also don’t seem to be bonding with one another and making life long friends.

Perhaps parents need to pull children out of the “race” to succeed in commercial terms and let them enjoy a childhood that will form the foundation of their future. I know with mothers working sometimes it’s hard to find a safe haven for kids in vacation times. Educationists and behavioural experts need to think and offer innovative solutions to modern day problems.

Families could perhaps form groups and take turns to look after children during breaks so that they are provided with the freedom to read books, enjoy the outdoors, just relax , and experience things that are quite different from everyday life of structured classes, television, iPads and more.

Let children dream their dreams , choose their own paths, and dare to be different — perhaps bare foot and fancy free like a fairy or elf from the enchanted forest.

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This is a Guest Post by Sudha Seshadri. 

Sudha Seshadri
Sudha Seshadri


Featured Image Credit: Joy Recital 2014-085 by Trisha Fawver ( CC By-ND 2.0)

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