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In the 56 years of living on this planet, a mere handful of people have left a lasting impression on me. One of them was a college friend who I have recently reconnected with. Why did this particular friend leave a deep impression? It’s simple. He was one of the few who won my respect and admiration through endless conversations over chai in the St. Xavier’s college canteen. Neat in appearance, this friend would puff on his ever-present pipe while holding forth on life, quoting endlessly from books he had read. Knowledgeable, erudite, nice – whenever I think of this friend, Bernard Shaw comes to mind. That’s the amount of regard I had for him!

Not surprisingly then, having reconnected after a gap of several decades, I invited this friend to write some posts.

He agreed. And so, today, I would like you to meet ProfS. ProfS is a pseudonym. Think of it as standing for ‘profess’ and as an abbreviation for professor.

In typical ProfS style, he begins by asking why he should write. Read what he has to say below and then my response to him:)

On writing a blog

Having some conceit I decided I should also write. I don’t know why I should since there is a considerable lot of drivel out there.

The Internet has made everyone an author but what is even worse a publisher. So no matter the quality of your thoughts or their non-existence, lets publish.

Why do I want to join these ranks?

My intelligence PR (percentile rank ) is 98 which means I am in the top 2% of the world population. That is not much since 2% of 7 Billion is 140 million. Believe me, that’s not much to be proud about. Even a cent out of that for every million would make  me more than a million dollars richer.

Yet I venture into this field. Mainly because a friend said I should and I am still wondering if that is a friend or an enemy.

The verdict is in your hands – the reader – and your verdict makes or unmakes an author of me.

I wish myself luck.

Lata’s Response

ProfS, I write knowing that few people will read what I have written what with the Internet having created a problem of plenty and this, in spite of the fact that the reading habit amongst the populace has declined greatly. I write as an outlet to express myself. It has taken a year of blogging to develop a fistful of loyal followers of my blog. But each time I read a comment such as a recent one that said my blogs soothe a grumpy soul, I feel it’s worth it. You may not have a million readers. You may not make a million bucks. But if something you say through your writings provokes thought in even one mind, it’s worth it, my friend!


So, there you are! ProfS’s first guest post on Lata Wonders. I already have his second post, which I will be uploading tomorrow. If ProfS questions why he should write here, in tomorrow’s post, he questions why Americans visit Nature Parks. Do look out for that one as he makes an interesting point.

And oh, if you are wondering who ProfS is in reality, you will just have to keep wondering. Because he will only publish under the pseudonym of ProfS. Which is why, I have chosen the image below for his profile picture.

Smoking pipe 1 by Keith Williamson ( CC By 2.0)
Smoking pipe 1 by Keith Williamson ( CC By 2.0)

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Featured Cover Image Credit: Lata Wonders Blog Site on Screen – Image by Lata Subramanian


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