Trying out a Near-Death experience starring your professional life!

I have read that people who have gone through a near-death experience (NDE) report the phenomenon of a life-review where scenes from their life flash by. I guess one can pretty much infer that the chosen scenes are the one’s that have most impacted the individual’s life. I thought it would be interesting to simulate… Continue reading Trying out a Near-Death experience starring your professional life!

Fit-Out to Corporate Requirements!

In the hospitality industry, Fit-Out is a term used when a hospitality company takes over a resort or hotel and fits out the property to its requirements. This morning, it struck me that the term is a good descriptor of how corporates look for employees who already fit-out to their idea of a desired personality.

A Ping, A Pong & Game Over!

Ah, the idealism of youth! I was (still am) very idealistic. It took me a long time to distinguish between lip service and the unsaid, but real agenda. Since I was that idealistic and naive, I took quite a few knocks in corporate life.

Face Off. With Yourself!

I have penned 4 blogs so far. Of these, the blog I wrote titled “It’s rarely ever about you. Or, is it really?” received the most attention. Like most writers, of course it pleased me that my work received the attention it did. My take was that the content of the blog was on a… Continue reading Face Off. With Yourself!

It’s rarely ever about you! Or, is it?

Yesterday, I shared a post on Facebook which said, “it’s sad how quickly people can forget about you until they want something from you.” I’m sure the post struck a chord with pretty much everyone who saw it. Because who hasn’t experienced the phenomenon in life? There’s a lovely word for it in the Hindi… Continue reading It’s rarely ever about you! Or, is it?

Throw away the mould!

Yesterday, when my nephew asked me what domain I would like for the blog site he was setting up for me, I was stumped. Seeking ideas, I wrote to the members of my Marketing team. The subject line of the mail was ‘Just for fun.’ The mail itself read, “Use one word to describe the… Continue reading Throw away the mould!