Song of Promise!

A new day dawns,

Bringing the music of birdsong.


The sun rays rise and shine,

Beaming light on life’s rhyme.


Flowers unfurl, bask lazily, bloom,

Let’s colour life’s canvas, they croon.


Streams gush and gurgle,

Hark, life’s babies, they chuckle.


Awake, you sleepyhead,

Sight, there is no finish line ahead!


Life is a song of promise,

That’s the gospel truth, honest.


The path is yours for the taking,

There is always hope; no mistaking.


Just know who you are, what you are,

And you can be one life inspired star! 

If you liked the poem Song of Promise, you can download the poem as picture and text below:

Song of Promise!

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Featured Image Credit: Swan Song by Justin Jensen ( CC By 2.0)



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