Friends from the Workplace

Once upon a time in the la-la land of advertising, a motley cast of characters banded together in the corridor wing of Lintas Bombay 3* (now Mullen Lowe Lintas). The period was circa 1993-96. It was a magical time because this particular Lintas Bombay 3 gang produced great work, won a host of business pitches… Continue reading Friends from the Workplace

Colours maketh a woman!

The human race has always sought beauty. A touch of white here. A dab of red there. A dash of green in between. A blue sash encircling. A myriad range of hues used to express the self, life or present sheer imagination. It’s an art, which has been honed to perfection over the millennia. And… Continue reading Colours maketh a woman!

Bringing up Lata, with Madhu & Aimee

Remember the comic strip Bringing Up Father? The comic strip ran for 87 years from 1913 to 2000, amusing newspaper readers every morning. Created by George McManus, Bringing Up Father dealt with a social climbing wife, Maggie, and her frustrated attempts to make her husband, Jiggs, adhere to upper class standards. I have taken creative license… Continue reading Bringing up Lata, with Madhu & Aimee

Powering Jet Airways with a Yellow Rose

Powering Jet Airways with a Yellow Rose is the story of how the flower came to be chosen as the symbol for the airline. The story has been extracted (with a few modifications) from the book A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant.

By The Book – A Boss’s Review

There is no greater honour than an ex-boss writing a review of a one-time direct report’s maiden book. That honour multiplies when the author in question has high regard for the boss and mentor in question. Thank you Rajesh Pant for taking the time to review my book. I can’t begin to express just how… Continue reading By The Book – A Boss’s Review

To the Right and the Left of a Woman

To the right of a woman are people who believe that she should not emerge out of her veiled existence. To the left of a woman are those who pledge to bestow her with equal status to a man. To the right and the left of a woman, there are squabbles about her place in the sun. I… Continue reading To the Right and the Left of a Woman

Armani and the Banana Leaf!

India, much like human society elsewhere, always had its own version of the Ton*. The country had its Maharajas, Maharanis, Rajkumars*, Rajkumaris*, Mantris*, Zamindars*, Collectively, the Indian ton had its own distinctive rules for haut living, encompassing customs for housing and dining to fabric, apparel and refined manners… specifically prescribed for the Indian aristocracy. It… Continue reading Armani and the Banana Leaf!