What’s life without expression?

The baby decides to test her vocal chords by tentatively singing the ‘a..a…ah’ note. The mother’s head turns on hearing the sound. She lifts her hands to her cheeks even as her eyes widen in delight. Rushing to her singing baby, she echoes the ‘a..a..ah…aah’ melody. The baby gurgles and beams in delight. On another… Continue reading What’s life without expression?

By The Book – A Boss’s Review

There is no greater honour than an ex-boss writing a review of a one-time direct report’s maiden book. That honour multiplies when the author in question has high regard for the boss and mentor in question. Thank you Rajesh Pant for taking the time to review my book. I can’t begin to express just how… Continue reading By The Book – A Boss’s Review

Are you singing the age-old Corporate Mantra?

There has been a mantra that people in positions of power have had their minions sing from the time the Egyptian Pharaohs built their pyramids to the era when the London haut ton* had to simply raise their little fingers to get people to dance to their every whim and fancy.   The Pharaohs are now resting… Continue reading Are you singing the age-old Corporate Mantra?

A Dance with the Corporate Ton

“What is someone like her doing in advertising?” This was the question asked by a puzzled Britisher who was the Managing Director of a leading multinational firm in India after he met her for the first time. It was a question that she sensed in the air around her right through her career.