Colours maketh a woman!

The human race has always sought beauty. A touch of white here. A dab of red there. A dash of green in between. A blue sash encircling. A myriad range of hues used to express the self, life or present sheer imagination. It’s an art, which has been honed to perfection over the millennia. And… Continue reading Colours maketh a woman!

The Echo of Words Through Time!

Words have power. Words have impact. Words can echo through time. Here are some words that I can never forget because they left an indelible impact on me, changing me forever.

Perform to Order!

In Freakonomics, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner expound on the fact that Economics is, at its root, the study of incentives.  The book is full of interesting examples, which illustrate how human behaviour is driven by economics or if you will, incentives. In other words the book describes how economics can drive humans to perform to… Continue reading Perform to Order!