Powering Jet Airways with a Yellow Rose

Powering Jet Airways with a Yellow Rose is the story of how the flower came to be chosen as the symbol for the airline. The story has been extracted (with a few modifications) from the book A Dance with the Corporate Ton: Reflections of a Worker Ant.

Perform to Order!

In Freakonomics, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner expound on the fact that Economics is, at its root, the study of incentives.  The book is full of interesting examples, which illustrate how human behaviour is driven by economics or if you will, incentives. In other words the book describes how economics can drive humans to perform to… Continue reading Perform to Order!

The River of Life

What is it about the gaze on water that stills the mind and soothes, even while the same body of water may be raging as it flows swiftly by? The only answer I have to that question is that a meditative gaze on water soothes the mind because it feels a sense of belonging; a… Continue reading The River of Life

Select, Ctrl S Your Reasons to Holiday!

The human brain is a creation, by evolution or act of God, that never ceases to marvel me. Consider, for instance, how and why the brain selects only some memories to store while discarding others. While I cannot establish this with scientific rigour, I have come to believe through self-observation and some amount of empirical… Continue reading Select, Ctrl S Your Reasons to Holiday!