Friends from the Workplace

Once upon a time in the la-la land of advertising, a motley cast of characters banded together in the corridor wing of Lintas Bombay 3* (now Mullen Lowe Lintas). The period was circa 1993-96. It was a magical time because this particular Lintas Bombay 3 gang produced great work, won a host of business pitches… Continue reading Friends from the Workplace

The Height of Selfishness

A friend of mine, Nikhil Vaish, contacted me recently asking if I would help spread the good word on a project he is involved in with Bhumi, India’s largest youth volunteer organization. I asked Nikhil to send me a brief on the project and when he did, I was impressed by the material. So much… Continue reading The Height of Selfishness

Thank You Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I have been reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder. I have, so far, read Chapters 1-10. I thought I should finish reading the book before I put my thoughts down. But I decided not to wait. Because I have the urge to write this blog as I absolutely and immediately want… Continue reading Thank You Nassim Nicholas Taleb