What’s life without expression?

The baby decides to test her vocal chords by tentatively singing the ‘a..a…ah’ note. The mother’s head turns on hearing the sound. She lifts her hands to her cheeks even as her eyes widen in delight. Rushing to her singing baby, she echoes the ‘a..a..ah…aah’ melody. The baby gurgles and beams in delight. On another… Continue reading What’s life without expression?

Santra Chacha

Every morning, the santra* fruit-seller would do his household circuit, blasting his motorbike horn and vocal chords to alert customers. On being called to, he would halt, allow customers to pick santras from his tokri* and accept payment without too much haggling on his part. There was only one exception he always made. In front of one… Continue reading Santra Chacha