What’s life without expression?

The baby decides to test her vocal chords by tentatively singing the ‘a..a…ah’ note. The mother’s head turns on hearing the sound. She lifts her hands to her cheeks even as her eyes widen in delight. Rushing to her singing baby, she echoes the ‘a..a..ah…aah’ melody. The baby gurgles and beams in delight. On another… Continue reading What’s life without expression?

Bajaj V: Stepping up India’s heartbeats!

After what seems like eons, a product concept caught my eye the other day and made my heart first soar with awe and then dance with joy. The awe was for the creative mind who conceived of a brand idea and emotion that would be embedded in the product itself. The joy was because this… Continue reading Bajaj V: Stepping up India’s heartbeats!