G2G – God to God!

“When I was but a child, many an adult in my life (other than my parents) would paint me a frightening picture of you, my God.” “You know everything, right?” “So, you must remember the time when an innocent 5 or 6-year-old little girl pointed to a wall-hung picture of the good Lord Muruga (Kartikeya),*… Continue reading G2G – God to God!

E-Waste your world away!

e-Waste to your heart’s content and one day that’s all the Earth will have to offer you to feast your eyes on.

A Turning Point

June 1 – a date that could prove to be a turning point in my life because of two significant choices made. The first choice was made on June 1, 2014 when I launched my blog site, Lata Wonders. The second choice was made a few months ago when I decided to hang up my… Continue reading A Turning Point

Simon Says!

Remember the old game Simon Says* that many of us played as children? Well, in that game, the player with the skills to discern between valid and invalid commands won. Sometimes when all players failed to follow instructions, Simon won! If Simon Says was to be played in the business world, however, it is important… Continue reading Simon Says!

Pani da rang vekh ke, akhiyaan jo anju rul de

In April 2013, I was in Ooty on a resort visit as part of my job as Chief Marketing Officer, Sterling Holiday Resorts. Tired to the bone, I decided to take the morning off in Ooty and explore the reserved forest area – Avalanche. It was a fortuitous decision as I ended up spending a… Continue reading Pani da rang vekh ke, akhiyaan jo anju rul de

Tummy, Yummy, Mummy!

Food is the medium through which mothers, world over, express their love. Few people would disagree with that statement. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, 2015, inspired by a campaign Sterling Holiday Resorts is running, I thought why not share a few anecdotes on how moms bring about a feeling of Tummy, Yummy, Mummy!

The Art and Soul of Leadership

Leadership is primarily about grooming employees to punch above their weight. One way to achieve that is by nurturing employee self-development through exposure to The Arts and The Humanities. Help employees grow and flourish and so will the organization. Let’s call it The Art and Soul of Leadership🙂