Aggie was a trainee once too!

“When I was a junior copy writer in Lintas, I lived in mortal fear that you were going to sack me.” My jaw dropped even as I turned to look at Aggie. Eyes agape, I said, “What? You have to be kidding. The thought never even crossed my mind. Not once.”

Colour Me Green!

I am puzzled as to why the colour green is associated with envy, which is such a negative emotion! Unless it’s humankind’s way of saying that the species is envious of the beautiful green canvas painted by Mother Nature? I have just returned from a gorgeous ‘Colour Me Green’ road trip to Ganpatipule with my… Continue reading Colour Me Green!

Pani da rang vekh ke, akhiyaan jo anju rul de

In April 2013, I was in Ooty on a resort visit as part of my job as Chief Marketing Officer, Sterling Holiday Resorts. Tired to the bone, I decided to take the morning off in Ooty and explore the reserved forest area – Avalanche. It was a fortuitous decision as I ended up spending a… Continue reading Pani da rang vekh ke, akhiyaan jo anju rul de

Tummy, Yummy, Mummy!

Food is the medium through which mothers, world over, express their love. Few people would disagree with that statement. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, 2015, inspired by a campaign Sterling Holiday Resorts is running, I thought why not share a few anecdotes on how moms bring about a feeling of Tummy, Yummy, Mummy!

The Earl’s Secret

Once upon a time in the fairyland of Ootacamund, or Ooty as it was more popularly known, lived a charming couple by the names of Lord Reginald and Lady Maybn. Their mansion, named King’s Cliff, commanded a panoramic view of the wooded hillsides ringing the hill town of Ooty, India.  Here, the young couple lived… Continue reading The Earl’s Secret

Social Media is No Rocket Science!

SEO. SEM. SMM. Gamify. Amplify. Engage. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Big data. Small data. No data! A whole new language with enough hifalutin terms to scare you and make you think that Social Media is a complex affair, requiring specialist skills.

A Delightful Taste of the Truly Incredible India!

There is just something so incredibly liberating about travel. Click To Tweet The very act frees the mind to fly unfettered through time and space to discover and muse over new insights. I had mentioned as much in an earlier blog Education By Travel. And here I am again just back from a gorgeous journey… Continue reading A Delightful Taste of the Truly Incredible India!