Friends from the Workplace

Once upon a time in the la-la land of advertising, a motley cast of characters banded together in the corridor wing of Lintas Bombay 3* (now Mullen Lowe Lintas). The period was circa 1993-96. It was a magical time because this particular Lintas Bombay 3 gang produced great work, won a host of business pitches… Continue reading Friends from the Workplace

Gujarat’s Lion Pride!

The genetics of all living creatures evolve to adapt to new living conditions and survive. The truth of what Darwin said long ago is being brought to bear by some amazing new discoveries. Consider how elephants are learning to avoid land mines in war torn Angola. You can read more about this incredible development in… Continue reading Gujarat’s Lion Pride!

Tigers earn their stripes!

The world of management is very familiar with the phrase ‘turf battle.’ Indeed, many a management executive has earned her or his stripes by triumphing in the battlefield, much like the gladiators of ancient Rome. Turf battles, though, are mostly detrimental to corporate health. A group of young female tigers in Central India’s Tadoba-Andhari Tiger… Continue reading Tigers earn their stripes!

Pro Kabaddi, De Dana Dan

  Who would have imagined that the television viewership for the Pro Kabaddi* League would attract a whopping 22 million viewers on Day One? That’s a cool ten times more than the first match of FIFA 2014. Who would have thought that a sport, which had long been lost in fuzzy childhood memories of 50… Continue reading Pro Kabaddi, De Dana Dan