Teddy Bear Love!

Today, I will tell you the story Jai Wala has woven in my memory bank. This is the sixth in my series of “watching the next generation mature into people you can be proud of”*. Read on to discover what Teddy Bear Love is all about:)

It was Valentine’s Day in the year 1996 or thereabouts. That year I was in Toronto spending my vacation with the Wala family. It is a day that will forever be etched in my memory because of one action by a 10-year old (Jai himself may have forgotten and hopefully this post will not embarrass him).

I was just lounging around that day when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Jai Wala clutching a teddy bear. He held it out to me and said, “Lata bua* – Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ever since that day, a  young man, Jai Wala, has been my Teddy Bear Love. And that teddy bear, which I kept for eons, represents the best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received.

Today, Jai is all grown-up. I met him last year after a long gap of almost two decades to find that Jai is still a very caring youngster. It was evident from the amount I saw him fretting over his dad back in Toronto (his father has Parkinson’s). It was really touching to watch.

I hope Jai retains that caring quality right through his life.

I have always found it tragic that the world only recognizes material successes. Whereas, if the world is to ever stop being a troubled place, we need to hold up qualities I have tried to highlight in this series of posts on youngsters to be proud of. I made a similar effort a while ago in a blog titled Respect!  Do take a couple of minutes to read that as well; that is, if you agree with me!

Jai Wala with his brother Amar Wala and Nicole Luca at dinner in a Mumbai restaurant (2014)
Jai Wala with his brother Amar Wala and Nicole Luca at dinner in a Mumbai restaurant (2014)

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Featured Image Credit: the peachpeddler by Pudge (Flickr.com CC BY-SA 2.0)

*Bua – a Hindi word meaning aunt.

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