The Colour of Dreams!

For a long time, I thought I spent my sleeping time dreaming in vivid colour. Till one day, when a client and friend, J. R. K. Rao, informed me that night time dreams were always in black and white. Since then, my dreams have been painted only in shades of black and white. What does that tell you?

That’s right. The colour of dreams are not always your own.

They can change shape and burst apart in a kaleidoscope of colours if you allow external influences in (no reflection or aspersion cast on a long-ago, innocent remark made by J.R.K.).

Fact is, as I googled and discovered today, apparently around 80% of dreams are in colour:)*

Now that I know that, I guess I can begin dreaming in colour again!

On a more serious note, I have experienced the truth of the fact “If I can dream it, I can do it.”  

My dreams and the way they played out is just too personal to narrate here, in this post. But interested readers can get a hint in a couple of my earlier blogs – Oh, yeah? I’ll show you! and The thing about success.

Net net, the colour of dreams is anything you wish to make it.

Rhonda Byrne wrote a whole book on the laws of the universe working in favour of making dreams come true – The Secret. According to Byrnes, it purely depends on individual dreams. Dream positive and attract positive energy. Think negative and what you sow, so you will reap!

But perhaps the power of dreams in #life has been best expressed by the screenwriter and lyricist, Mayur Puri, in Farah Khan’s movie Om Shanti Om.

Have a listen. It will take less than a minute of your time and will be well worth the while as it really is a beautifully penned/spoken message. I have recorded the dialogue in my voice in both English and Hindi.

There is just one thing I would add. The universe only helps people whose wishes are benevolent. The universe will not conspire to help those with negativity in the heart.

Oh, one more thing. Remember the famous adage before you dream of something – ” Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.” 

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Featured Image Credit: On the shores of Ambarnath lake, Mumbai – Lata Subramanian in 1978. From the Subramanian & Trada family albums.

*Kendra Cherry. 10 Facts About Dreams (What Researchers Have Discovered About Dreams). About Education.



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