The Light of Truth

The fifth in my series of “watching the next generation mature into people you can be proud of”*, this one is for Trishay Trada, a very special young man. Read on and discover a little about Trishay and his journey to seek the light of truth.

Trishay, a child who wanted for nothing materially as he comes from a family that is comfortably well off. Trishay also never lacked family support as his parents believe in allowing children to seek their own special spot in the sun. Yet, these are the lines that come to mind when I think of Trishay, a child who is very dear to me (as all of them are). I have taken the liberty of calling this ‘The Light of Truth’ borrowing from Trishay’s own introduction to his music album Truthon which he collaborated with his brother Rahul Trada.

The Light of Truth!

Your eyes would open wide and smile,

With childlike delight at life passing by.


With the passing years,

Your gaze began to question the tears,

On the faces of the many,

Crying for a-plenty.


Buddha like you began to look,

For answers in many-a-book.

To seek the truth in all that haze,

Too often getting lost in the maze.


You turned to music to soothe your soul,

And tell the world to change its goal,

Change its goal!

The truth, they say, liberates you. But reaching that point of liberation means following a difficult path full of conflicts in the soul. Each conflict has to be resolved before one is allowed to proceed further and reach an internal place of acceptance and peace. Trishay resolved one of his earliest conflicts about the role of money by refusing to accept any from his parents. He chose the hard way and tried to make his own way in life. He succeeded because Trishay wants for little, more or less having turned his back on the material world. Hopefully Trishay will find answers to other issues troubling him soon. It won’t be easy because his questions are too big and too large for our little world to stomach easily.

Do check out his album Truth and Mike Liassides’s review of it.



And finally, if you like The Light of Truth, here is an image you can download.



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Featured Image Credit: Trishay and Rahul Trada checking out the guitar.

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