Warm up to climate change!

The BBC has reported that global temperatures in 2015 have increased by 1.02 C from the mean temperatures of the period 1850-1900*.

I am not qualified to check the validity of this statement. But I can definitely comment upon it.

It is very conceited of the human race to think that any human  activities can alter or have a large-scale effect on the earth.

The time scale we are talking about is minuscule in the history of the earth. Also the measurements are based itself on tiny basis of data collected over a tiny period and the variation if any is measured in insignificant areas as compared to the volumes of earth( land) , air and water that exist on this planet.

Let me state unequivocally this planet has survived for billions of years and will survive for billions more. I don’t believe human activity will be the cause of its destruction.

However that does not mean the human race will escape the effects of its proliferation beyond the ability of this planet to sustain them. All human activity has some consequences and their effects may only be mitigated but not nullified.

I remember the stories of the seventies when oil was supposed to run out. Sufficient quantities of minerals were not going to be available and stories of doom by the naysayers. More than fifty years have gone by and none of the naysayers have been proved right as yet!

The theory – no – the thought I hold says the earth is a closed system and except for energy it loses nothing and gains nothing. Matter can neither be created or destroyed only its form changes.

A rise in temp may flood certain areas but remember MAN also creates islands, reclaims land to build countries. Our engineering will find solutions and if we perish it may result in another hardier race.

We are merely inhabitants of this planet in a brief era of its period not the arbitrators of its destiny. To live in harmony with nature one does not have to eschew progress only adapt to the changing environment .

Let me end with a quote from William Shakespeare ” there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy , Horatio. ”

Human cognizance has miles to go and we have to be rational and believe that the human race as we know it will survive for eons to come.

Let us enjoy our stay on this planet responsibly. Exploit its resources on a sustainable basis and have a spirit of adventure for the journey ahead.

This is a guest post by ProfS

Featured Cover Image Credit: Lata Subramanian.

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