Wave Song

She felt a wave of longing. He experienced a swell of emotion rising in him like a tidal wave.

Ever wondered where these phrases, which we use so unconsciously all the time, came from?

Well, I think they must have sprung from the way we feel whenever we stand on a shore gazing at the ocean.

Have you felt it too? I mean, the call of the ocean singing out to you, inviting you to walk into its embrace?

I know I do. It’s a wave song that is irresistible.

I heard it again recently in Ganpatipule and Krabi. Here, listen to it:)

Wave Song

The fairies crouched cradled in the wave,

Their tresses spread in ethereal lace,

It’s an age old lore,

Etched on every golden shore.


Each day, each night,

They  flow and ebb  with every tide,

Husha, husha, they cry,

Wait till you hear the sea horses’ aye.


With a roar they ride in,

The fairies and their sea horses to spin,

Every speck of sand into gold,

Taking some into their loving fold.


Come, come, they say, embrace our wave of longing,

Hold on, dear life,  for an eternal sense of belonging!


If you liked the verse Wave Song, you can download the picture with the verse here:

Wave Song – Text and Image by Lata Subramanian



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Featured Cover Image Credit: Lavender Land – Krabi Sunset. Image by Lata Subramanian


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