Why my plate is full today!

Yesterday, I wrote about some of the challenges of ageing in Ageing is more than just a number! Today, I hope to present the flip side, that is, the beauty that ageing brings. If there is one thing that is absolutely wonderful about ageing it is the fact that it makes you reflect a lot on the life you have led. More. It makes you appreciate the beauty of the true gifts life has endowed on you. At least that’s the case with me. Today, I have a true appreciation of why my plate is full today and overflowing! Yes, my plate is full. And I owe it to:

Life for bestowing me with enough intelligence to navigate in this world.

A father who introduced me to the wonderful world of books, opening my mind forever more.

A mother who taught me what family commitment and generosity really means. 

A couple of lifelong friends whose silent support and simple acceptance of me has done more than all the careless advice I received. 

The world of advertising, which taught me so much and allowed me to have fun at work. 

Jobs that allowed me to travel and soak in the beauty of this planet.

A sister who takes care of me just like my mother did. 

A niece and nephew who made sure I never missed not having children of my own.

A son-in-law and brother-in-law our family is blessed to have.  

And now, two little grandsons whose smiles are enough to light up my world! 

What more can one ask for? Nothing! Except perhaps a prayer and a wish that troubled people all over the world find their path to peace. With that, I leave you for now, dear reader. I hope this post triggers thoughts of which intangible gifts contributed to the course your life has taken. And maybe, you too can write about those gifts. If you do, please consider linking your gratitude post to the Gratitude CircleI have wanted to for a while because I think it’s such a great initiative; one that makes people look at the positives in their life! #GratitudeCircle #WriteTribeProBlogger

Gratitude Circle. Image created by Vidya Sury.
Gratitude Circle. Image created by Vidya Sury.

Featured Cover Image Credit: Retired Bliss. Caricature of Lata Subramanian by Fingerprints, a Chennai based advertising agency.

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